Why Your Truck Needs a BDS Lift Kit

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Are you looking to take your truck to the next level? One of the most significant modifications you can make is upgrading your suspension system with a lift kit. And when it comes to lift kits, BDS Suspension truly outshines the competition. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we proudly carry a range of BDS lift kits that our expert technicians can help you install on your truck. Next, we will explain why a BDS Suspension lift kit is the right choice for your ride. Keep reading to find out more!

Choosing the Right Lift Kit

Finding the right lift kit for your truck can seem tricky, especially with all the different options available. Before shopping around, it's essential to consider how you use your vehicle, as this can impact the type of lift kit that best suits your needs. Ultimately, finding the right lift kit boils down to understanding your budget and desired performance.

For instance, if you're just looking for a lift kit so your truck can accommodate large wheels and tires but don't want to break the bank, then a basic levelling or lift kit will likely be enough. However, for truck enthusiasts looking for the best on-road comfort and exceptional off-road handling, investing in a more premium offering like a BDS Suspension lift kit is the way to go!

BDS Suspension Lift Kits Vs. The Other Guys

When it comes to quality and performance, BDS lift kits are unmatched. These lift kits are built to withstand extreme conditions and provide unbeatable durability and off-road capabilities. While BDS Suspension lift kits often come at a higher price than other brands, the quality and performance of these lift kits are undeniable. With features such as skid plates as a standard component and a commitment to building parts that are sure to last, BDS lift kits from Canada Custom Autoworks offer unbeatable long-term usage for truck enthusiasts.

BDS Lift Kits for Every Truck

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are proud that every one of our 11 Western Canadian locations carries a range of BDS lift kits perfect for nearly any truck. Whether you're looking for just a slight raise with one of our 2.5-inch levelling kits or want to make a serious statement with a 10-inch lift kit, we have you covered!

Some of our most popular BDS lift kits include:

  • 2.5-inch Leveling Kit for 15-20 Ford F150s
  • 6-inch Lift Kit for 14-18 Chevy 1500s
  • 2-inch Leveling Kit for 14-20 Ram 2500s

Canada Custom Autoworks' expert fitment specialists and technicians can help you find the perfect BDS lift kit for your needs. So don't worry about which kit will suit your truck best. Simply visit your local Canada Custom Autoworks today and let our team handle the rest!

Install Your Lift Kit Today, Pay Tomorrow!

As mentioned previously, BDS lift kits can cost a bit more than the competition, but for a good reason! And if you're concerned about price being a barrier to modifying your truck, don't fret! At Canada Custom Autoworks, we offer flexible financing options to make getting the lift kit of your dreams easier than ever.

With hassle-free financing at an interest rate of just 5-7%, you can break up your purchase into more feasible monthly payments. Plus, there are no hidden fees, no credit checks, no waiting on approvals, or even penalties for early payouts. With Canada Custom Autoworks, your truck upgrades are totally within reach!

Ready to Modify Your Ride?

Explore Canada Custom Autoworks' range of aftermarket accessories online today, or visit us in-store to start upgrading your ride. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team today!