How To Protect Your Vehicle From Road Debris in Canada

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Are you looking for ways to protect your truck or SUV from road debris? Canada Custom Autoworks offers a variety of SUV and truck accessories like mud flaps and fender flaps that will help protect your vehicle from corrosion and damage. Learn more about your options below!

What Are Fender Flares?

Many trucks and SUVs depend on fender flares (or fender guards) to offer them an extra layer of protection. These accessories are installed over the truck or SUV’s wheel well and become an extension of the vehicle’s body.

Do You Need Fender Flares?

A common reason truck and SUV owners purchase fender flares in Canada is to enhance the appearance of their vehicles. Like many truck and SUV accessories in Canada, fender flares are highly customizable and come in various styles and colours to match your personal taste and your vehicle’s needs. In cases where your vehicle’s wheel well is scratched, dented, or rusty, you can easily install fender flares to cover up the spots and make your vehicle look as good as new! Some owners add fender flares to their newly purchased trucks or SUVs to keep them pristine and eliminate the possibility of any future corrosion or damage.

Fender flares are also a protective measure that truck and SUV drivers install to prevent any debris picked up by the wheels from spraying passing cars or pedestrians. In fact, many provinces in Canada have strict laws governing fender flares. If you’re unsure whether your truck or SUV legally requires fender flares, visit our nearest tire shop or reach out to us with any questions!

What Are Mud Flaps?

Mud flaps, otherwise known as mudguards, are used in trucks and SUVs to also protect the vehicle, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road from flying mud and debris thrown into the air by the rotating tire. They come in small moulded lips that are easily installed below the rear of wheel wells or in large rectangular sheets suspended behind the wheels.

Do You Need Mud Flaps?

Whether you’re driving a truck, van or SUV, installing mud flaps can prevent dings and dents to your vehicle as they act as a barrier between the inner components of your truck and the ground. Adding mud flaps to your truck or SUV will significantly decrease the possibility of corrosion and damage to your vehicle by road conditions.

Not only do mud flaps protect your vehicle from road debris, but they can also improve your vehicle’s aesthetics. With Canada Custom Autoworks, you can choose one of our many designs to enhance your truck's overall appearance!

Similar to fender flares in Canada, mud flaps are also legally required in some provinces to ensure that your vehicle is not flying off your wheels onto other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. Some drivers have been slapped with a fine for not having mud flaps, even though their vehicle came from the dealership without them, so make sure to ask our tire experts about the legality of mud flaps in your province.

Can You Install Both Mud Flaps and Fender Flares in Canada?

Generally, combining mud flaps and fender flares is acceptable; however, you need to seek the advice of tire specialists to verify the legal guidelines in your province and if it’s possible to install both accessories simultaneously on your vehicle.

Looking For Mud Flaps and Fender Flares in Canada?

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