Why Your Performance Car Still Needs Winter Tires

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Not every enthusiast tucks their performance car away in the winter. However, if you're considering driving your performance car all year round, there are a few tire-specific things you need to be aware of. At Canada Custom Autoworks, our team can assist you with your performance tire-related needs. But first, let's get into the specifics of performance winter tires and why they're vital if you drive your sports car, muscle car, or luxury vehicle all winter long. Keep reading to find out more!

Performance Vs. Mainstream Winter Tires

If you own a high-performance car like a luxury BMW, a sporty Porsche or an American Muscle car such as a Ford Mustang, mainstream winter tires like those you'd see on the average passenger car are not designed for your vehicle. Performance winter tires are designed to manage the power and performance of high-performing sports cars, luxury vehicles, or muscle cars without compromising their handling. Mainstream winter tires don't have the gripping force, load rating, or speed rating to keep up with your performance car. Performance winter tires typically have a higher speed rating and a lower profile size, unlike mainstream winter tires, which are not optimized for these low-to-the-ground and powerful vehicles. Putting the wrong type of winter tires on your performance car can even damage your vehicle, so it's vital that you use the right tires for your ride.

While many performance tire brands will offer an all-season tire, ultimately, tires designed for winter driving will consistently outperform all-seasons as they provide better traction on snow and ice. In addition, many performance winter tires will bear the 3-Peak mountain snowflake symbol, which indicates that the tire meets or exceeds the Tire Manufacturers Association standards. At Canada Custom Autoworks, our team of fitment specialists can assist you with selecting the right tires for your ride, no matter the season!

Benefits of Owning Seasonal Tires

As mentioned above, performance winter tires will consistently outperform all-season tires. However, there are more benefits to investing in winter performance tires than simply performance. Below are a few key benefits of owning the right seasonal tires for your driving conditions:

  • Safety. Your safety, other drivers' safety, and the safety of your vehicle are the most significant benefits winter tires can give you. With the right performance winter tires, you can stop, turn, and accelerate with better control, greater confidence and overall peace of mind.
  • Increased Lifespan of Your Tires. Owning seasonal sets of tires can double the lifespan of your tires as each set is only operating for about six months of the year.
  • Better Fuel Economy. Using the right tires during the right season can save you money at the pump. Using winter tires in the summer will reduce your fuel economy as they grip pavement more aggressively, causing your vehicle to work harder to move forward.
  • Emergency Backups. If something happens to your vehicle's current tires, having a spare set of off-season tires can come in handy. Now, this should be a short-term solution, as in a pinch, it's a great way to keep your car on the road.
  • Travel Requirements. Across North America, several areas legally require winter tires; for instance, British Columbia is one of those places. If you enjoy taking your luxury car to the mountains for a ski trip, having a set of performance winter tires will make your drive safer and save you from getting a ticket.

There are numerous reasons to invest in performance winter tires, from protecting yourself and your ride to fuel economy and more. At Canada Custom Autoworks, our team is here to ensure you get the best performance winter tires for your ride. With stock available from several popular brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and more, our tire centres are sure to have the performance tires you need.

Find Performance Winter Tires at Canada Custom Autoworks

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