Looking for Custom Rims? Here’s Some Things to Consider

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Custom rims are an awesome way to enhance the look and feel of your ride. Whether you're an offroad enthusiast or a street car owner who likes to show off a little, Canada Custom Autoworks has the custom rims you need to take your ride to the next level. Next, we will tell you about some of the benefits of custom rims and some factors to consider when shopping around. Continue reading to find out more!

The Benefits of Custom Rims

Custom aftermarket rims from Canada Custom Autoworks are a fantastic way to express your personality and style. In addition to aesthetic benefits, custom rims also provide several other advantages that can enhance your ride.

For instance, a set of custom rims on your off-roader can ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle by providing additional durability and strength, even in challenging conditions. While custom rims on your street car not only make it a head-turner but can also enhance the stance and offset of your ride, making your evening cruises that much smoother.

Whether you're in the market for aggressive, matte black custom rims or prefer something with more of a sophisticated and minimalistic style, Canada Custom Autoworks has you covered!

Check out our wide inventory of custom rims and wheels online today!

Prioritize Safety in Your Custom Rim Selection

When considering custom rims, you should consider a few factors to ensure your vehicle's performance. Safety, in particular, should always be a top priority; that's why Canada Custom Autoworks' expert fitment specialists are here to help! By finding the right fit for your new custom rims, our team can ensure your ride not only looks incredible but is safe out on the road. Here are five key areas we look at when searching for the perfect custom rims:

  1. Overall Diameter: Your custom rim and tire combo should always be clear of your braking and suspension components and the body of your ride. This is crucial as your rims and tires will influence the performance and look of your vehicle.
  2. Offset and Backspace: Our team will look at how far inside and outside your entire wheel and tire package will sit in your wheel well to ensure correct clearance. Incorrect offset or backspace can impact your turn radius and cause damage to your body and steering components.
  3. Proper Mounting: Ensuring the right hub-centric fit is crucial for the handling of your vehicle; our team will suggest custom rims and tire combinations that will properly mount to your vehicle.
  4. Bolt Pattern: Rims come in a wide range of bolt patterns, and your custom rims must match to fit your ride correctly. Fortunately, Canada Custom Autoworks stocks hundreds of custom rims, and our fitment specialists can help you find the right fit for your ride.
  5. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Compatibility: Most new vehicles come stock with a tire pressure monitoring system, and new rims and tires must be compatible with these systems to function correctly. After installing your new custom rims, our team will reset your TPMS, ensuring compatibility with your new rims.

Ready to Find New Custom Rims?

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we have access to a massive range of rims and custom wheels. As a factory direct retailer, we offer huge discounts, quick turnaround times, and flexible financing options for nearly all our aftermarket products. So, no matter the style or fit of custom rims you're looking for, Canada Custom Autoworks has the inventory and expert staff you need to ride away in style.

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