The Best Winter Car Rims: Why Choose Matte Black Rims

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When it comes to winter driving, your rims are just as important as your tires. However, finding the right winter rims for your car can be difficult as there are many models, finishes, and styles to choose from. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are here to make finding the perfect winter rims for your ride easy.

Below, we will explain why matte black rims are best for winter driving and give you two rim recommendations. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Matte Black Rims are Best for Winter

Matte black rims are popular for many drivers as they give your car a subtle, understated look while still being refined and modern. Unlike glossy finishes, matte black rims are also more durable, especially compared to delicate finishes like chrome.

When it comes to winter rims for your car, matte black rims should be your top option in part for the reasons mentioned previously. Matte black rims are perfect for winter for several other reasons too, including:

  • They tend not to peel in colder climates
  • Easy to maintain as they don’t show scratches, scuffs and dirt as easily
  • Requires less frequent cleaning

So, if you’re looking for new winter rims for your car but are looking for a sleek, contemporary look without having to worry about keeping up with complex maintenance and cleaning, matte black rims are the right choice for you.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we carry a wide range of winter rims from top manufacturers like Toyo, Armed Street, Niche and more. Available in numerous sizes and finishes, the right winter rims for your ride are easy to find!

Next, let’s take a look at two popular options from Armed Street:

Armed Street Switchblade

If you prefer a more understated yet stylish look for your car, the Armed Street Switchblade matte black rims are a great option. Their matte black finish, durability, and innovative manufacturing process make them ideal for your winter rims. Available in 18x8.5 and 19x8.5 sizes with a 5-lug fitment, the Switchblade rims are minimalistic yet sophisticated aftermarket winter rims, ready to withstand any weather conditions.

Armed Street Sniper

The next option from Armed Street is the Sniper rims. Also available in a matte black finish, these rims feature a split-spoke design, giving your car a more aggressive look without being over the top. Like the Switchblade rims, the Sniper’s matte black finish makes them an excellent option for winter driving, as they require less cleaning and maintenance than other finishes. The Sniper rims come in various sizes ranging from 16x7 to 22x9.5 with a 5 or 6-lug fitment. Manufactured with North American climates in mind, your car is sure to look good and maintain its performance with these winter rims.

Flexible Financing Options at Canada Custom Autoworks

Outfitting your car with winter and summer rims/tires is not only an important investment but a potentially costly one as well. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are here to ensure you get the winter rims and tires you need to keep you safe and in control all winter long. That’s why we offer flexible in-house financing options.

Visit one of our 11 locations to find out more about our financing options, and together, we can help you make paying for your new winter rims and tires more feasible for your budget.

Ready for New Winter Rims?

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