Reach New Heights with Lift Kits from Canada Custom Autoworks

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Are you an enthusiastic off-roader looking for a way to protect your truck and get better traction on challenging terrain? If so, a lift kit from Canada Custom Autoworks is a great way to reach new heights in your vehicle. While simultaneously making room for larger tires, greater visibility and overall clearance. Many off-roading enthusiasts will tell you there's nothing better than riding around in a lifted truck, so why not try it out? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a lift kit from Canada Custom Autoworks on your vehicle!

Protect Your Ride

One of the most common benefits of installing a lift kit on your vehicle is that your vehicle's body is better protected from hazards on or near the ground. This is especially important if your truck is a work truck in remote locations or if you're a passionate off-roader, as a stock-height differential is a prime target for damage and getting stuck. Having the body of your truck farther away from the ground means you don't have to worry about bottoming out on a rock, getting stuck in the mud, or other difficulties that arise with challenging terrains. A lift kit from Canada Custom Autoworks can give you the ground clearance, visibility, and suspension travel you need to conquer any off-road trails.

Greater Tire Clearance

Raising your vehicle's body with a lift kit can increase your overall ground clearance, opening up your tire clearance. Greater tire clearance is convenient for off-road enthusiasts; much like how it can protect your vehicle's body, it can also help you tackle challenging terrain. So whether you plan on conquering snow, mud, sand, or boulders, a lift kit will give you the space you need to defeat any terrain. However, when raising your tire clearance with a lift kit, remember that it will also increase your vehicle's center of gravity. Raising the center of gravity can reduce your vehicle's overall handling, so ensure to adjust your driving appropriately.

Increased Tire Size

Since a lift kit will increase your tire clearance, that means you can place larger tires on your truck. While larger tires can look great on your vehicle, they're awesome for off-roading. Depending on what kind of off-roading you're planning to do, Canada Custom Autoworks has the tires you need that will look incredible and improve your overall traction. We have numerous types and sizes of tires available, so make sure to check out our online tire shop or visit one of our showrooms!

Head-Turning Style

Aside from the functional aspects of a lift kit, there's also the aesthetic appeal. Even if you aren't planning on hitting any of our awesome Canada off-roading trails, a lift kit on your truck is a great way to make heads turn as you roll down the road. However, it's important to note that if you're installing a lift kit purely for aesthetics, make sure you choose one that maintains your vehicle's everyday performance, safety, comfort, and durability.

Lift Kits from Canada Custom Autoworks

Do you feel too low to the ground in your truck? At Canada Custom Autoworks, we can help! With numerous lift and level kits available from top manufacturers, our team is here to assist you with selecting the right kit for your truck and installation. With available financing on select products, Canada Custom Autoworks can lift your vehicle without compromising your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our current stock of lift kits!