At Canada Custom Autoworks, we know what it's like to feel too low to the ground. You're in Calgary, or Edmonton, or anywhere else in Alberta. The Rocky Mountains are soaring up around you, and you're stuck on the ground, hardly even hovering over your grandma's 2005 Passat. You want to be lifted. We hear you. You want to be as high up as the giraffes at the Calgary Zoo. You want to be able to tackle the Ghost River Run near Waiparous or the Iron Horse Trail near Cold Lake. You want your vehicle to soar. We can help. We have lift and level kits from all the best manufacturers, and we'll install them for you. These kits will increase your ground clearance, improve your suspension travel, and boost your vehicle above pretty much every other vehicle on the road. Get ready to sail head and shoulders above the competition.


Levelling kits are designed to lift the front of your vehicle so that it matches the height of the back of your vehicle - this makes your vehicle level, which is where the kits get their name from. Lift kits, on the other hand, are designed to lift the body of your vehicle. There are actually two types of lift kits: Body lift kits don't give you any extra clearance but change the look of your vehicle. Suspension lift kits change the suspension of your vehicle and give you extra clearance. Both levelling kits and body lift kits can help you increase the height of your vehicle in order to do things like install larger tires. Want to do more extreme off-roading? You'll want a suspension lift kit - they can dramatically increase your vehicle's height and suspension travel, allowing you to handle dunes, hills, and other sudden elevations. Suspension lift kits also give you far more versatility when it comes to tire selection. Finally, you'll want a suspension lift kit if you want a more extreme change to your vehicle's appearance. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we have levelling and lift kits suitable for all types of drivers and all kinds of vehicles. We can even install the kits for you - an option we highly recommend if you're not experienced at vehicle modification or if you're opting for a suspension lift kit. Suspension lifts are really complex - you can read more in our FAQ section. Ready to soup up your vehicle with a lift? Visit Canada Custom Autoworks today.


Here's one of the biggest things to keep in mind when purchasing a lift or levelling kit: How tall do you want your vehicle to be? If you're worried about clearance, you won't want to lift your vehicle too much. On the flip side, if you want to be head and shoulders above other vehicles, you might want a full suspension lift. As a rule of thumb, levelling kits lift your vehicle 1-2” (2.5-5 cm) in the front - they provide a slight increase to ground clearance. Body lift kits can increase height by 2-5” (5-13 cm), but they don't increase ground clearance at all. Suspension lifts can raise your vehicle by 10” (25 cm) or more - the sky's the limit, and they provide a substantial increase in ground clearance. Whatever height you want your vehicle to be, we can help you install levelling and lift kits here at Canada Custom Autoworks.

Products we offer

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we only stock high-quality lift and levelling kits. We’ve got kits to serve any need, including kits by some of the most trusted brands in the game. Whether you’re in Calgary, Edmonton, or anywhere else across the Prairies, we’ve got the lift and levelling kits for you. Some of our products include:

We’re always getting new inventory in, so if you don’t see the lift or level kit you’re looking for above, check our Accessories page. No matter where you are in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or BC, we’ve got lift and level kits for you here at Canada Custom Autoworks!


You can – but in most cases, you shouldn’t. Suspension lift kits, in particular, are incredibly complicated, as you’re changing the entire suspension of your vehicle. The lift process involves the removal of suspension components and the front differential to add strut extensions and/or new struts and shocks. You’ll also need to add the proper drop brackets, long shocks in the rear, and a leak pack block kit with new U-Bolts. It’s a complicated process, and unless you’re very experienced when it comes to modding vehicles, you could end up ruining your vehicle.

Alberta is one of the most incredible provinces for off-roading. You can experience trails like Ruby Falls near Edmonton or Top of the World by Calgary. It’s almost impossible to get the most out of these trails in a stock vehicle. A suspension lift kit will give you the ground clearance, visibility, and suspension travel you need to tackle these incredible trails. And there are plenty of other reasons to install a lift kit, too, from soaring above traffic to dramatically changing the look of your vehicle.

There isn’t an easy answer to this question, as it depends on the warranty. Some warranties will be completely voided if you use a lift kit. Other warranties will only void parts that are affected by the lift kit. Others still have limits on how much you can lift your vehicle – usually around 2” (5 cm). Talk to the service manager at your dealership if you want to be absolutely sure.

Yes! Typically, our lift kits come with a lifetime warranty on all hard parts. There’s also a 1-year warranty on all wearable parts (like shocks, struts, and bushings).

Yes – like all vehicle parts, lift kits require maintenance. Get your lift kit checked during your routine vehicle check-up. One thing to watch for in particular is mounting bolts that may have come loose.

For a very long time. A lift kit should last as long or longer than a stock suspension if it was purchased from a trusted supplier and professionally installed. Shocks generally last anywhere from 60k-80k KM in stock suspension systems, which is why shocks have a 1-year warranty, while hard parts have a lifetime warranty.

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