Michelin LTX AT2 vs. Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

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Choosing the right tire for your truck or SUV is a game changer, especially if you stumble across good-quality and aggressive tires! All-terrain tires have become more popular among SUV and truck drivers as they work well on paved roads and off-road terrains. With that said, there are significant differences between tires as they vary from one manufacturer to another.

Two of the most prominent tires that have currently been dominating the market are the Michelin LTX AT2 tires and the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T! Fortunately, at Canada Custom Autoworks, we have a wide selection of tires, including the Michelin LTX AT2 and the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T! If you’re looking to decide which set of tires best suits your needs, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out!

Let’s Talk Tread

Michelin tires have been around for years and are known for their computer-optimized design and 60,000-mile treadwear warranty! The French tire manufacturer engineered the Michelin AT2 tires using a truck rubber compound that is designed to work well in colder and warmer climates. Michelin also uses its Comfort Control Technology™ and MaxTouch Construction™ to create notched blocks in the tread pattern that can firmly dig into nearly any surface for excellent off-road traction on mud, wet grass, dirt and gravel.

On the other hand, Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T tires are designed for extreme terrain! Their aggressive tire tread reaches down to the sidewalls of the tires, providing drivers extra sideway grip. Venom’s unique tire tread also boosts your vehicle’s appearance with its aggressive tread pattern and large, staggered tread blocks. Similarly to the Michelin AT2, the Venom Power Terra Hunter XT offers a 50,000 miles tread life warranty!

Time for Traction and Handling!

As we’ve seen above, the Terra Hunter XT features a more aggressive tread pattern than the Michelin AT2, which enhances its performance and boosts its safety. While the Michelin AT2 features the industry-standard TWIs (tread wear indications) that allow you to monitor the tread depth, they provide less snow and off-road traction than the Terra Hunter XT. You see, Venom has designed the Terra Hunter X/T with tread elements that can support your truck and offer the needed traction on loose, soft and uneven terrain surfaces.

If you’re wondering which of the tires offers better performance on wet roads, then you can confidently choose either the Michelin AT2 or Terra Hunter X/T. Both sets of tires are designed with tread patterns that offer excellent handling on wet roads and minimal wheel spin during acceleration. You can expect a safe and comfortable ride in wet conditions with either the Michelin AT2 or the Terra Hunter X/T.

Final Verdict: Michelin LTX AT2 or Venom Power Terra Hunter XT?

The deciding factor on whether you choose the LTX AT2 or Terra Hunter XT is the type of terrain you regularly experience. If your daily commute often includes rugged terrain such as gravel or dirt, then the Terra Hunter XT is an excellent choice, but if you’re looking for a set of tires that offer superior traction on paved roads and better off-road traction than most highway tires, then you should consider the LTX AT2.

It’s also important to note that the Terra Hunter XT is significantly lower in price than the LTX AT2, so for those looking to install high-quality tires with excellent traction and superior performance at an affordable price, the Venom Power Terra Hunter XT is the way to go.

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