What are Snowflake-Rated A/T Tires?

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When it comes to conquering our harsh Canadian winters, having the proper set of tires can make all the difference. Snow, ice, and slush can create dangerous road conditions. But by having the right set of tires from Canada Custom Autoworks, you can ensure your vehicle's safety and performance.

In recent years, snowflake-rated all-terrain (A/T) tires have become a reliable choice for winter driving in Canada. Below, we will explore what snowflake-rated A/T tires are and why they are a crucial investment for drivers in the Great White North. Keep reading to find out more!

Understanding Snowflake-Rated A/T Tires

Snowflake-rated A/T tires are manufactured explicitly for greater traction in snowy and icy conditions. You'll know if your tires are snowflake-rated because they will feature a symbol of a mountain peak on their sidewall, indicating they meet the industry's required standards for winter performance. These tires are an evolution of traditional all-terrain (A/T) tires, which are well known for their ability to handle a range of terrains and road conditions.

Winter Performance

The main reason for the increasing popularity of snowflake-rated A/T tires is their enhanced winter performance. The tread patterns and rubber compounds typically found on these tires are engineered to deliver better grip on icy or slippery surfaces. These tires often use deep sipes and lateral grooves to bite into snow and ice, creating better traction and improving your vehicle's braking performance. The enhanced biting edges allow these tires to grip the road better, resulting in improved stability and control, even on snow-covered roads.

In addition, snowflake-rated A/T tires remain flexible even in freezing conditions, unlike summer tires that are hard and lose traction in below-freezing temperatures. This flexibility ensures that the tires maintain their grip on icy roads, making them a popular choice for Canadian drivers. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we proudly offer a wide selection of snowflake-rated A/T tires from a range of trusted brands. So when you need dependable winter tires, Canada Custom Autoworks has you covered!


Another benefit of snowflake-rated A/T tires is their versatility. While winter tires are specifically designed for snow and ice, snowflake-rated A/T tires offer a balance of winter performance and year-round usability. Many of Canada Custom Autoworks' A/T tires are suitable for various road conditions, including dry, wet, and slushy surfaces, common in spring and fall.

Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, investing in snowflake-rated A/T tires can be cost-effective in the long run. Since these tires are manufactured to be used all year round, you won't need to switch between summer and winter tires, saving you the costs of buying and storing two sets of tires.

Moreover, with Canada Custom Autoworks' financing options, you can also save on the upfront costs of investing in new tires. While these tires' sturdy construction often means they will have a longer tread life, resulting in fewer replacements.

Find the All-Terrain Tires You Need at Canada Custom Autoworks

Snowflake-rated A/T tires offer a fantastic combination of winter performance and year-round usability. Canada Custom Autoworks' inventory of snowflake-rated A/T tires is engineered to tackle our brutal Canadian winters head-on, providing drivers with the enhanced traction, control, and safety they need on snowy and icy roads.

If you want to equip your vehicle with Snowflake-Rated A/T tires, head to your local Canada Custom Autoworks or contact us. Our team of fitment experts will help you choose the perfect set of tires to ensure your safety and enhance your driving experience!